About Creative Resistance

What are you resisting?

Black Americans make up 13% of the United States, but 37% of American prisons. Blacks Americans are disproportionately targeted by police. Black women are disproportionately  raped by people outside of their race. Black Americans are disproportionately poor.

People of color do not need statistics to know any of this. 

Black  people are not valued in this country, and we have never needed any one to tell us so. Creative resistance is combating the toxic tradition of ignoring people of color, of silencing them, of incarcerating not only their bodies but their minds their cultures and their hearts through art.

Why are you resisting?


Because someone has to. We all have to, and we all do in some way or another everyday of our lives. We live in a world that does not allow people to be who they are, and therefore someone must always be going against the grain, it cannot be helped. Someone must always be fighting; otherwise, most would be miserable and all would be the same. Uniqueness is not just something adults teach to children to make them feel special, it is a reality. Sunah refuses to live within the confines that her people have been forced into; she does not want to be confined. 


Will you resist?


Artists will continue to resist, but no one can stand alone.  A revolution is a group thing, a noun. But to revolutionize is an group action, a verb. It is something that you do, not something that you watch happen. Sunah challenge you today and everyday to resist, with your words, with your actions, or at the very least, with your thoughts. Create something today, teach someone today, but most importantly, learn something today.