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About Sunah Nash

The Artist

Ever since I can remember I have loved to make things, drums out of empty containers, stories out of segments of my day, characters out of the people around me, paintings out of images in my mind. This is why I don't call myself a 'painter' I am a creator, I make things.

Her Medium

Most of Sunah's paintings are mixed media, meaning that they consist of m different mediums. She use a lot of oil paint and has recently gained a fondness of acrylic. But nothing is off limits. She uses things like sand to get texture, and lots of unconventional utensils; she very rarely completes a piece using only paint and brushes.

Her Inspiration

Sunah is fascinated with people, with bodies and faces and the expression and feeling they are capable of showing and hiding. Her community  and my people inspire me to no end, Black people are so diverse and beautiful.

 The complexity of human beings is amazing, our ability to think up new things and create new things are all that separates us from all the other living things on Earth, and all of those innovative ideas and concepts inspire her, or at least intrigue her.

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